Can you swim?

Updated: Mar 9

Water isn’t wet. Wetness is the experience that occurs when something comes in contact with water. Water is a liquid but liquids aren’t  technically “wet” . Wet is a phenomenon. Just like my body is made up of a bunch of atoms, so is water. Every single drop contains an atom. I don’t form a “body” until I collectively come together to take up an area of space. Like a puddle, a river or a ocean or stream. Water conforms to the container (space) that it is in but there is always a slight difference due to several factors such as temperatures.

For example if I have exactly 2oz of water and freeze it; once it thaws out (in the same container) it’s not going to be exactly 2oz of water any longer. There will be a slight difference due to the effects of the temperature.

If I submerge my hand into water I won’t experience the phenomenon of wetness until AFTER I have came in contact with the water.

Wetness is a phenomenon.

My soul requires a degree of water just like everything else that lives on this planet. Further up I mentioned how the temperature will effect the amount of water. This applies to me in regards to my emotions. If I vibrate low- it’s hard to experience the phenomenon of “wetness “ or aka thirst quenching. Which will manifest as “thirsty” tendencies such as latching on to others and unable to be alone, one might practice the same activities literally over and over.

While I am vibrating high- the phenomenon of wetness is constant and noticeable. I feel as though I am flowing with the same water I am drinking- it’s like I am going with the flow. My action are different aka my experiences are new. Even if I wanted to do repetitive things; it would be impossible. It’s because of the phenomenon of being wet. I don’t even notice that I’m in the water because I’m swimming so smooth- like a fish.

A fish doesn’t even know it’s in the water but it swims perfectly with the flow of the waters; imagine a fish that can’t swim? It’s now fighting that same water - going against the current and exerting energy. What about the fish that doesn’t even realize that it SHOULD be in the water and spends so much time flopping around on land, fighting to breath.

That was me before I even realized that my soul was thirsty. I experienced “boredom ” any time I was alone, I engaged in the same activities…everyday over and over again. I stressed about everything; bills, relationships, etc. I felt like nothing was working out and that I was being suffocated by what I thought were my responsibilities. I couldn’t breathe.

The word responsibility includes the word response… I had to consciously think about the things that I was responding to. I gno that everything doesn’t deserve a response. I didn’t innerstand what deserved my response until I innerstood who I was. Not surface level but truly who I am. Innerstanding how every part of me works and more importantly why. There is a reason for everything; I was conceived based off a response but who am I NOW responding to...self.

I surprised at the amount of calls that went out everyday that didn’t deserve a response …

  • go to work because otherwise I will be poor

  • go to school because otherwise I will be dumb

  • start a family because otherwise I will die alone

  • pay these bills because otherwise my credit score will decrease

  • get this account otherwise my money won’t be safe

  • pay this amount otherwise when I die my family will suffer.

That’s not even the tip of the iceberg in regards to the responsibilities billions face every day. We don’t have to respond to any of those things unless we TRULY want to. I buy what I pay attention to so if I stop responding to the call of my lower self I can swim gnoing that everything I need will be provided.

All I had to do was learn how to swim.

to be continued…

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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