"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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Between me & you

Updated: Mar 9

I am thankful for another opportunity to experience this reality and I thank me for everything even the things that I am unaware of. I woke up feeling anxiety and I ask that the feeling of anxiety is transmuted into the feeling and consciousness of leadership and unshakable belief. I gno I would never forsake me.

I also ask for forgiveness of my sins. I fall short everyday and there are some things that I am working on to get better with but I am not judging myself or the process. Thank me for allowing me to love myself and see just an ounce of what is inside of me.

To be dissatisfied with any area of myself (at this point) is saying that I don’t trust myself and that I doubt the creation- which I don’t. I have experienced the most amazing things that came directly from my hands; I am humbled by each encounter and thankful.

I don’t feel like the word thankful can even accurately describe the truth of my heart because it goes so much deeper than that. Just writing this letter to me has brought tears of gratitude to my eyes. I ask that every action I take inspires the family and the Kingdom and when they see me they see you.

Unapologetically yours,