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Updated: Mar 9

As I was growing up I was only introduced to a few genres of music which were hip hop and r&b. I remember dancing around with my cousins to Luther Vandross songs or using a broom as my microphone to belt out my best Anita Baker impression.

I am very thankful for my love of music and the artist that made it possible. In 2015, I gained this crazy craving to only hear pianist. Every tap of the keys permenated threw me. I vibrated with each cord that was struck. Whenever I felt down the piano lifted me right back up. There were no words to influence my thoughts just a frequency of notes that I could use as a magic carpet to take me away from whatever was bothering me.

I decided to listen to one of my favorite composers; Chopin when it dawned on me that I had no knowledge of pianist at all. I listen to hip hop and r&b pianist covers but I had never taken the opportunity to research my history in regards to classical anything.

Growing up I heard about people who looked nothing like me like Mozart or Beethoven. I almost feel like I was robbed of the experience to innerstand that we are everywhere and not just rappers and “sangers” (the A is for infacis). Maybe my parents didn’t teach me because they weren’t exposed to it. Maybe my music teachers in school didn’t teach me because it wasn’t part of the approved curriculum. At any rate, I want me to innerstand the power that is manifested in music.

Music that is derived from real instruments. It’s a frequency that will take my vibration all the way up! It’s not clouded by machines or computers or fake facades… the music just is.

With that being said let me re-introduce you to some amazing people:

  • Leon Bates

  • Margaret Bonds

  • Anthony Braxton

  • William Chapman Nyaho

  • Marion Daniel

  • Julius Eastman

  • Roy Eaton (go listen to this guy like right now)

  • William Eddins (your welcome….. he is amazing)

  • Donal Fox

  • Herbie Hancock

  • Scott Joplin

  • Hale Smith

  • Andre Watts

There are many many more names however, these are the ones I have become familiar with so don’t crucify me if I didn’t add my favorite composer.

I am not the only person in the world who has been held hostage by an environment however, music gave me new perspectives. When I first heard a Biggie song which was “Me and my bitch” the live version; I wanted to be a rapper (seriously I did) but what if I would of heard “Crazy Nigger” by Roy Eaton I probably would of had my eyes set on a more realistic goal.

I probably wouldn’t have given so much credence to having a “street” mentality. With age comes wisdom and I’m beyond thankful that not only do I have a love of music that spans from Gucci Mane to Andre Watts but I respect the journey it took to get to that place.

to be continued…..🚀🚀🚀

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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