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A member of our soul group mentioned that she is tired of being that friend that reaches out. I thought I should touch on access a little bit because this is a very sensitive subject and it’s extremely sensitive if you confirmed that your a Traveler already.

“Everyone can’t go”

If I loose contact with certain people it’s for a very good reason. Innerstanding my individual power is the thing that I have to keep in mind. I have to Gno that every word I speak holds weight. Real weight as in matter; what I say will manifest into a physical form.

The irony with free speech is that if I am unconscious of my power, I literally could be killing an individual without knowing it and vice versa. Let me give me an example… think about the people that I conversate with on a regular basis. We all have SOMETHING in common.. it could be a love of music, food, goals, anything. How many times in conversation have I said “me too”? That’s because to a certain degree I am experiencing their timelines.

Don’t get lost out here.

And you can very well get lost in the titles. How many people are living their lives based on the timelines of their parents?

Remember, my currency in this realm are the things I pay attention to. I buy whatever I focus my energy on. Let me give another example… people who watch reality tv become just like the reality tv characters. Take Love & Hip Hop for an example; when that show hit all I saw on the masses were fake body parts, sew-ins with side swept bangs, hood people talking about they going to lunch and men being more sleezy than they were before.

They paid for the reality in which they see.

That’s not even the half of it. Once a thought (or opinion) is added to all that chaos, it becomes an energy exchange. Which means something has to be produced out of all that chaos. Yup….. more chaos.

Someome could call me and want to gossip about something and the moment I engage with my opinion I just bought that shit! That’s why it’s called my two cents and when I think about it like that two cents ain’t shit. Even 50 gives 48 cents more and he is the King of Trolling.

So let’s go back to leaving behind a friend… we both are on different timelines and my input on her line could literally kill her spirit. There could be experiences that she has to go through in order to progress. I innerstand that positive and negative do not exist but I only understand that because I went threw something. I am experiencing my timelines.

There will be an opportunity to reconnect and when that time comes I will Gno.. it wont feel forced, it won’t provoke any frustration, it will send a calmness over me. That distance I feel is not even real… distance is a concept made by a lower being who could not or would not innerstand truth. Distance is Ignorance disgused in a hat.

There is someone somewhere who has never left outside of their neighborhood… I can say “hey let’s ride to the West End real quick”. The first thing they will say is “mane that shit too far.” And me, having traveled to the West End (several times) already are standing there looking at them like “but its just over there”.

It’s about perception and angles.

That phrase that everyone can’t go is simple ….. everyone just can’t.

to be continued….

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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