A new sofa

In this modern world, whenever we need something most likely we head over to Amazon to see if they have it. In my case, “I am” was looking for a new sofa. After reading reveiws and checking prices, “I” decided not to purchase anything yet. Later that day, all “I” kept seeing were sofas on every site “I” visted. Little insidious ads reminding me “hey don’t you want to buy this?”.

The mind of the being operates on that same frequency- whatever you pay attention to WILL show up in your physical reality. Sometimes, it may be hard to see due to other factors in your environment such as any outside stimulation,however this is the law of cause and effect.

Each moment that you are thinking, you are projecting those images into your world. While “I” have the need of a new sofa on my mind, the “I” not only sees reminders on the internet in the form of ads but also around me. “I” observed someone carrying a sofa, “I” observed a moving truck with a sofa on the side of it, “I” observed a sofa in someone’s front yard. Even though ”I” did not use a man made currency to purchase a sofa, “I” did use my own currency to purchase an experience in the physical realm. These observations make the sofa appear faster.

“I” can’t say “just think positive thoughts” and everything will manifest as you want them to- that’s not truth and it’s extremely misleading. That will only make one jaded and insecure within thy “self”. Insecure because, if you were to have a thought that is low vibrational, you start to question your “self” and your ability to “create”. The only way to have control of your thoughts is to make a choice. Choose which thoughts are worth experiencing and the ones that are not, let them pass.

For example, say your thinking of that sofa again; you have a thought that says “you can’t afford a sofa” so you don’t research your options at all. Taking no action at all is a choice. It aborts what you want to create. Or, “you don’t have money for a new sofa maybe get it on credit” so now you’re looking at credit terms, etc. The choice is dictated by the actions that follow the thought. Let me say that again, the choice is dictated by the ACTIONS that follow the thought.

”Self” has to believe. That is the wand- belief. See, if you believe something, no one can tell you different. Not the “I” that says you can’t afford it, or the “I” that says your not good enough. The power of belief is what will show you those experiences in your (aka synchronizations) realm that will remind you that your creation is on the way to being manifested.

Also, you can’t “pick at it”. When a women is pregnant she can’t go in and keep moving the egg around. The egg is designed to manifest- all the woman has to do is carry it. And it’s easy because everyday she experiences a sign that reminds her that something is being manifested; a bigger belly, cravings, etc. These are syncronizations that will appear in her physical reality.

That goes back to the law of belief. The pregnant lady doesn’t have to take a pregnancy test everyday- she knows.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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