A/C System (modified)

In 1982, I arrived equipped with a alternating current power system format because of its advantages in long-distance, high-voltage transmission. I use something similar to polyphase current, which generates a rotating magnetic field ( I track/observe this field in the category entitled Synchronization).

A Polyphase system is a combination of two or more than two voltages having the same magnitude and frequency but displaced from each other by an equal electrical angle. As poly means, many (more than one) and phase means windings or circuits.

Each of us has a single alternating voltage of the same magnitude and frequency. We were created using a simple self-starting design that does not need attachments thus avoiding sparking and the high maintenance of constantly servicing and replacing the individuals that we have built relationships with such as but not limited to, mother, father, mate, etc.

Since 1982 my DNA has been unlocking which has allowed my A/C system to become modified to a more updated version. This allows me to oscillate back and forth between the outer world, inner world and the realm of my Creator - even showing up in other being's "dreams". Sometimes as versions of self, a bright gold/yellow color or even rainbows. I can take the shape of anything and experience "their perspective".

I am able to exist in the underworld, higher realms and physical realms at the same time and communicate freely and openly with each version of self. This speaks in regards to my wave functions.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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