Updated: Mar 9

Today was beyond funny. I was observing the R.Kelly doc and like everyone else I was upset and some old feelings came up.Then I saw a article that the directors and producers did… check these words out:

Dream: the physical realm is known as the dream.

Hampton: a body of water (stream)…something to swim in

Shadow: darkness/hidden

Act: take effect; have a particular effect.

“At war”

in time: inside the system

The frequency associated with trying to get millions of people to vibrate high emotionally (but with some sort of fire or passion/aggression) will translate into the world we go to in our perceived dreams having a war with the world they currently live in.

This is what is goes on in the realm of time. This is alchemy being carried out by the simulation….. be careful. Don’t get attached none of this is real. I am not of this world just in it. I’m not saying I can’t “feel a way“ but don’t hold on to it (That’s law!).

If I hold on to those emotions it will turn into a spirit of resentment that attempts to attach itself to me. And resentment NEVER shows up alone; nope… misery is there, so is guilt and I gno bitterness is chilling nearby too.

I have to be vigilant in innerstanding the energy/frequency despite what the majority may think or feel. I gno what it is.

If I’m not mistaken this R.Kelly thing was a three day event (Three energy and what you can expect).


"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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