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When “I” first was awakened “I” had a lesson on numbers. Innerstanding who “they” are, what “they” represent, “their” origins, etc.

Numbers are the rulers of the realm. “I” can not see them, “I” can not touch them, however “they” supervise my physical existence.

The word number starts with the word numb- the definition of numb is “to feel less intensely”. The etymology of “er” speaks to a third person. The definition describes exactly how “they” operate.... discreetly.

To someone who has not slowed down enough to actually see these energies in action- what “I am“ is saying seems impossible and almost science fiction.

”I” arrived into this realm with a destiny code which “I” gno as my “birthday”. However, if my essence was around before “I” decided to enter into the matrix realm then “I” could not have been born on the date “I” call a “birthday”.

Which means that sequence of numbers, coupled with my vibrational frequency serves as a cosmic envelope that carries a personal blueprint that only “I” can open and read. That sequence remains attached to me while “I am” is experiencing this realm. The lower form of this would be the issuing of social security numbers, id numbers, etc.

Without awareness and innerstanding “they” try to dictate where you live, the car you drive, the building you work in, even the amount of people that are in your presence right at this moment. Even your dreams are taken and assigned to a Being that is more “vibrational” with the energetic field of that particular number.

This comes across as you having ideas and just as fast as you think about it you also think it can’t be done by you. That could be because you are dreaming about a frequency that you have no access to but now someone else who is aware of the gatekeepers; can access your dreams and materialize it with the help of the Archtypes we call Numbers.

”They” have an “end date” set too- that is not death, that is transition. Energy enters into a different realm- one that is not governed by numbers.

“They” dictate how much currency one is privy to, if this seems dumb and unbelievable just look up the energy signature that appears in your bank account.

Whatever the number is break it down to the smallest number and “I” guarantee you will see which one of “them” are guarding your finances.

Keep in mind it doesn’t matter the amount, it’s just the energetic signature attached to it. For someone who makes a set “salary” those numbers are not changing every week or every two weeks; whatever your cycle may be. “I” used that as an example so you can see how they attach to you and dictate your daily activity.

Just like “I” built relationships with my Ancestors and “I” greet them and clear old karma with them- the same is expected with the Numbers. Numbers operate on sequence and unfortunately a lot of Beings have been programmed to believe just one sequence and that’s the sequence of 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9. That may be okay for counting things however that system was developed over 5,000 years ago and counting things is primitive- especially in the “now” .

Stepping into my birthright meant putting these numbers in their place- in the correct sequence. The system generated sequence doesn’t consider ”open spaces”. What “I” mean by that is that it just sees the numbers and not what is in between the numbers.

For example, some people see things as black and white however there is a clear and a gray area- two additional spaces that gives me room to build OUTSIDE of the “box”.

“I” have my own sequence of numbers that are like building blocks and they were/are unique to me. “I” got familiar with my codes; “I” break down the numerology of the numbers that are around me daily. This is how things are built on the ethereal plane and brought into existence on the physical plane- having a balanced relationship with the guardians of the realm. This is also why the gnoledge of MAAT is crucial- it’s all math and nature.... nature and math.

Lastly, there are no dualities so let’s stop calling things evil- things just are and as simple as an equation. Numbers do not have emotions- they are numb so “I” do not attach emotions to experiences that “I” do not want to experience. There is so much power in being neutral.

When becoming a multi millionaire is just a passing thought and not a passion or desire.. then it can happen!

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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