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The purpose of spirituality is to free my spirit from all levels of bondage – religion is a level that millions are stuck on and do not realize that there is something higher. It’s bigger than the color of my skin – it’s bigger than my sex and its bigger than “they”


“They” are a frequency – so the fact that everyone is looking for a person is part of the game to lead me in the wrong direction.

“Well it must be the white man.”

Nah bruh, they are in bondage too. Remember it’s bigger than the color of the skin. If the frequency can keep me divided from all aspects of self than the frequency has won yet again…….no one cares that I am black – no one cares that you are white – the only thing that matters is can we be controlled?

There is a frequency that is making sure I think the way I think – that I participate in certain actions at a certain time. There is a frequency that has me partnered up with certain groups of people to ensure that I do not remain stagnant.

There is a lower frequency that attempts to make me sleep in a manner where I cannot leave my vessel.The old frequency pumped dreams into my head in order for me to live out certain scenarios or probabilities.

To gno if this is happening to me is very simple – are my dreams repeating? Am I unable to remember my dreams at all? As an organic being dreaming is not a state of unconsciousness but a super state of consciousness that I am allowed access to at all times. If you are not remembering your memories – then someone else may have access to your bank (it’s called a memory bank because this is your cosmic currency)

There is a frequency that goes out to tell people when to get married, when to eat, what to crave, how to raise children, where to “work”, things to buy, etc. You are herded and do not realize it. There is no point in me standing on a soap box and screaming to people to get their shit together…..for what? Everyone has a date. My spirit has done this so many times and this time she caught up with me.

She even laid the groundwork so this time when I get to certain levels there are reminders set that will activate certain memories.

The last lifetime I was here I was unable to complete my goal because I was so attached to the group of people that I was paired with (family, friends, etc.). I back peddled because I allowed myself to fall under the dominion of what other people thought was best for me – and when I am dealing with my family; their opinions matter. But how much of an opinion can someone form about someone else when they have not formed a true one on their self.

I don’t care what the external says – you are more than what your titles allow you to be. In that previous lifetime I spent so much energy and currency just trying to get people to believe.

I would step into these amazing situations and I was so excited to show people, like “look at this – I wrote this a year ago and it speaks about today – even down to the clothes that I would be wearing” I had to learn that the observer doesn’t have the same passion as the creator so why am I looking for the same response?

You see, I don’t care how much someone can admire Kehinde Wiley’s works – no one will ever feel the passion he felt while it was being created or the relief and excitement once it was completed. Only the creator of those beautiful works of art can feel that. It is my birthright to create and design each moment that I am here to experience – so now I look for expansion and not agreement.

“Reconciliation is never easy”

There came a point in time when I had to reconcile everything about myself in order to come to complete truth so I would not fall back into the same position that I had just gotten out of.

Religion was a huge battle to overcome because it whipped me into submission – it put me into a place of constant self-criticism and self-doubt. The bible taught me to be a servant and a worshiper nothing about the fact that my DNA can be restored, or that I can travel through the cosmos or that I create a world with every word I speak.

It just taught me that something else can do those things, I am not perfect, I am only a sheep but if I give my money (which is so odd because does God even have pockets to put all this cash in?) to this “God” than I get a cool ticket to return and do this worshiping thing all over again!

Wait…..what about my internal soul? How does that fit into this picture?

I was taught to believe in things outside of me with no problem like Jesus and the preacher but when it came to an innerstanding of the greatness that is me I could not see it. A few days I would be off of it and then I would feel guilty about the smallest things – like why do I feel guilty about wanting to gno more about myself? Why when I research things that align with my soul the realm keeps showing me sad pics of a crucified Jesus?

I would beg for forgiveness and get right back to religion. However, that is the equivalent of me being free but returning to the jail to lock myself back up every night. It was beyond dumb….all religion did was allowed me to make a choice to put myself into a prison.

I honestly believe that is why I “remember” so much in this lifetime because I got so close the last time. I had this “underlying” issue in regards to getting close to people; I have a guard up and never understood why. When it comes to certain relationships I completely remove the emotions and I just look at it for what it is. With my parents; I have to give honor because they were my vehicle to get here however living my life based on their perspectives or their beliefs is not even an option for me – that was my cheat code for this lifetime.

Luckily, I don’t have pushy parents anyway- they are very big on “do what feels right” however that is just another area where I made sure that I chose parents that would fit into me completing my goals this time around.

As a kid, I remember being so “removed” from everyone almost like a loner I guess and I was always in deep thought about things….. I was very interested in death; horror movies were my favorite- not interested in the act of killing but more so where are these people going? Will they remember where they just came from?

I had set boundaries with family members that I could not understand for the life of me. So when 2014 came around and I woke up feeling like I was a foreigner in my own home and all these people seemed like strangers – I now gno that was a date that I had already set to make sure that I would finish what I started.

2014 was the year that I started traveling; before then the farthest I had ever been was probably DC on a field trip. My first experience on an airplane even brought on activation. I remember the flight attendant saying to put on your mask before I help someone else and I thought that was dumb. I would never sit here and watch my children struggle for oxygen when I am more than capable of helping them. Boy was I missing the point.

Sure, I could help my children with their masks first then mine but what if I pass out and die from a lack of oxygen now who is going to help raise them? If I am not good; I am no good to them. And that applies to every family member and every friend in my life. If I am not good how can I help you? It’s better to free myself and then you can see how I did it. Instead of both of us living in ignorance and succumbing to a low frequency that is designed to keep us all on this “wheel”.

I want to gno the metaphysics behind a sneeze, I want to gno the quantum science behind tears falling – I want to innerstand why my hands are hands and not my knees……these things matter to me. Because in my mind they are all just titles until I explore the depth of their mechanics.

A title imposes limits – to some I am just Goldie –however if you look at my mechanics I am so much more…. I am a time traveler, a professional reincarnator, a time lord, a mother, a world builder, an astronaut, a alchemist, a daughter……. I could go on for days

The people that are around me and impacted by my story - they put in work too. Because in order for my words to activate anyone we had to have a discussion about it and plan for it to be that way at some point in time. We all need each other; but before we can do that there has to be a reconciliation with the fact that everyone outside of me is me and in order to see that I had to love myself. You don't like black people? Well that means that there is an identity issue that you have to smooth out.. however, you should ask yourself why. Most likely it's because you have some sort of intimacy issues, or carry around the energetic signatures of an ancestor who had twisted beliefs and ideals. No matter who may doubt it; we ALL have ancestry and what they did/didn't do is a reflection of your reality.

The universe will bring everything to me that I embody and if I embody a world full of racist ideals and discriminatory beliefs then that is the world I will have reflected back at me. Someone who saves the planet will only see the planet dying - someone who saves lives only sees people dying - someone who is focused on self love and betterment will only see a world full of people that are focused on self love and a world that is only getting better; I get what I pay attention to.

My writings are like my personal diary – they are a glimpse into my cosmic training and real time documentation of the evolution of my being who woke up on the southside of RVA and I am not alone - there are millions of us some woke up in a mansion, some woke up in the projects no matter where you woke up up.

"some things are so subtle that there are no words for it"

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